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 Hermes Business Idea Company was established in 2009 by the exhibition managers of large exhibition centers. The company started with the approach of developing exhibition services and operating in parts of the business environment that have the potential commercial capacity of the exhibition area. Providing consulting services and implementing marketing and business development projects in export markets for large businesses and providing branding and market development services to foreign companies focusing on exhibition programs, has been the main activity of the early years of the company. Due to the lack of Auto show in the Tehran for more than 13 years, Hermes Company started its international exhibition activities by holding the first Tehran Auto Show in 2016.
To date, Hermes Company organized in three exhibition centers:
1- Exhibitions Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Permanent Center of Tehran International Exhibitions) 
2- Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition Company
3-   Mashhad International Exhibitions Company Exhibitions of automobiles, auto parts, franchises and business development, horses and coexisting animals. Also, the international conferences of Iran Automotive Industry and Smart Tehran in Milad Tower of Tehran have been held by this company in different years.
Hermes Company manages the exhibitions by using the project management model and specialized software, and has implemented the quality management system (ISO 9001: 20151) in its organizational pillars from 1996 onwards.
Also, with the approach of participating in new exhibition arenas in the country in the field of holding art exhibitions in 2018, the company, using modular and modern exhibition equipment, cooperated in holding the Teer-Art exhibition in Charso commercial complex in Tehran and performed all decoration and Took over the lighting of the event.
Also in 2019, the implementation of visual identity and preparation of the venue of Fajr Visual Arts Festival in Saba Gallery in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Visual Arts.
Hermes company, relying on up-to-date knowledge and experience of its executive team in the field of exhibition industry, marketing and advertising, provides a wide range of services in the fields of:
• Holding domestic and international exhibitions and conferences
• Providing specialized advice in the field of export and import because of the powerfull partners all around the world
• Market research, analysis and marketing
• Presenting marketing plans and brand development Marketing Plan / Plan Strategy
• BTB (Business Match Marketing)
• Holding three international franchise exhibitions and conferences in Tehran
• Holding two periods of Mashhad International Auto and Parts Exhibition
• Holding three first international exhibition of horse industry, coexisting animals and products
• Holding the first horse-centered visual arts exhibition with the display of more than 115 magnificent artificial handmakes.
• Holding the 5th International Conference on Iranian Automotive Industry
• Holding the Iranian pavilion at the Equip Paris Auto Show as one of the most important auto parts exhibitions in the world
• Sending Iranian expert and commercial delegations to France and visiting the automotive industry
• Holding the first international exhibition of auto parts in Tehran
• Holding two rounds of Mashhad International Furniture Exhibition
• Participation in holding the second TEER ART FAIR
• Participation in holding the twelfth Fajr Visual Arts Festival
Exclusive Agent 
- EQUIP AUTO 2017 (International Exhibition of Parts, After Sales and Services) EQUIP AUTO 
-Dubai International Horse Fair 
 - Membership in the Association of International Exhibition Organizers - Membership in the UFI World Exhibition Industry Association
 - Membership in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture 
- From 2017 to 2018: ISO 9001: 2015 certificate
 - From 2017 to 2018: ISO 9001: 2015 certificate
Foreign partners
- Concluding a contract with a business partner in China and operating in two offices in Shanghai and Beijing
Beijing RAY International Exhibition
- Concluding a contract with a business partner in France and operating in the Paris office
- Concluding a contract with a business partner in Germany and operating in the Frankfurt office
Fair consult
Internal partners
- Special multi-purpose cultural and artistic institute with the trademark of Hirad Creativity Development
- Graphic design and advertising studio with the brand of Fahar brand development
- Ronagh expo  company